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Bandwidth utilised by iLO

LEONG Tiang Wah
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Bandwidth utilised by iLO

Anyone know the bandwidth utilised by iLO espcially when we reboot the machine remotely? Our network engineer wanted us to stop using iLO as according to them, it chews up bandwidth.
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Re: Bandwidth utilised by iLO

Can you provide some details:

what server?

what version of iLO firmware?

Are you connected to iLO during the reset, and if so, to what resources?

How is the server being reset?

Can you be more specific about the network engineer's comments?

Will iLO use the network during a reset? Depends. For example, iLO might issue an SNMP trap for this event if configured. Likewise, if virtual media or remote console are in use, this will also result in network activity. If iLO is reset, the network address (DHCP) may be reacquired as well.