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Booting HP-UX 11.23's DVD on BL60 ?

Jean-Yves Picard
Trusted Contributor

Booting HP-UX 11.23's DVD on BL60 ?


I've been using BL20 & BL25 for some time, ILO feature allow you to boot either on ISO images or local CD/DVD drive.

unfortunatly I cannot see this feature on BL60, does it exists ?
do I need to activate any licenced feature ?

Jean-Yves Picard
Honored Contributor

Re: Booting HP-UX 11.23's DVD on BL60 ?

I am unfamiliar with BL60. Do you mean BL460p?

Yes, all of the blades support booting from iLO virtual media. I would check that you are using currnt firmware and system ROM.

For blades with iLO 2,
a license is required for scripted virtual media
a license is not required for applet or IRC virtual media.
rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: Booting HP-UX 11.23's DVD on BL60 ?

I do not believe that the BL60's MP (iLO) includes support for virtual media. If it did, it would indeed almost certainly be a licensed feature.

The new rx3600's and rx6600's offer virtual media support in the MP. It is indeed an additionally license feature. I would expect that any systems or blades announced after those systems would also have that functionality. I do not know if HP-UX "supports" that for installation or not.

In addition to iLO virtual media the new zx2-based systems (eg rx3600, rx6600) have support for something called "dbprofile" - IIRC that stands for Directed Boot Profile - from EFI you can setup a client IP info (inc DHPC if you like), server IP info and bootfile info and then do a lanboot select -dn and the system will try a network boot from the server IP you give it. This is actually functionality from the older sx1000-based systems (cell-based boxes) and it is also in the new sx2000-based systems.

IIRC the BL60 is zx1 based, that suggests it may not have dbprofile in its EFI, but you might go ahead and see.

Also, I think that "new enough" 11.23 bits include support for USB DVD drives for install, so it may be possible to use the dongle and an external DVD rather than having to rely on the swinstall server bit.
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Jean-Yves Picard
Trusted Contributor

Re: Booting HP-UX 11.23's DVD on BL60 ?


thanks for reply,

technical spec from http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/servers/Integrity-bl/p-class/60p/specifications.html
do not mention using MEDIA through ILO

(while BL25's tech specs at http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/fr/fr/sm/WF06a/1045-1051-346495-346495-346655-12148902.html
'Lecteur de CD-ROM virtuel via l'iLO ; possibilité de connexion d'un lecteur externe en face avant')

(sorry for english folks I am too lazy to search english pages ... )

So I am now facing the task of setting HP ignite server and doing a ignite install.
(this would probably ending in a question on another forum)

Jean-Yves Picard