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Can ILO5 be integrated with any LDAP Server?

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Can ILO5 be integrated with any LDAP Server?

Hello All

1. Can ILO5 be integrated with any LDAP Server? any pre-requisites for the LDAP server that need to be integrated?

2. Has there been  any ILO integraion done with NETIQ Identity Manager/eDirectory before?

ILO5 User guide refers to Active directory and openLDAP as example.  Just wanted to know, if it can work with any ldap server

=====================Excerpts from ILO5 User guide=================

Directory authentication and authorization
The iLO firmware supports Kerberos authentication with Microsoft Active Directory. It also supports
directory integration with an Active Directory or OpenLDAP directory server.
When you configure directory integration, you can use the schema-free option or the HPE Extended
Schema. The HPE Extended Schema is supported only with Active Directory. The iLO firmware connects
to directory services by using SSL connections to the directory server LDAP port.
You can enable the directory server certificate validation option for schema-free and HPE Extended
Schema by importing a CA certificate. This feature ensures that iLO connects to the correct directory
server during LDAP authentication.
Configuring the authentication and directory server settings is one step in the process of configuring iLO
to use a directory or Kerberos authentication.





Re: Can ILO5 be integrated with any LDAP Server?

Hello Vijay,

For ILO 5 the directory suppot services are Active directory, OpenLDAP, Novell eDirectory.

Check the standard features using followng HPE ILO Quickspecs. 

Directory Services Integration for HPE ProLiant
HPE Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) for ProLiant integrates with enterprise-class directory services to provide
secure, scalable, and cost effective user management. Directory services, such as Microsoft® Active Directory
Novell eDirectory and OpenLDAP (iLO 4 v2.53), can be used to authorize directory users with assigned
user roles to Integrated Lights-Out processors. With Active Directory, customers have the flexibility to
integrate with or without a schema extension. An easy and reliable installation program is available to install
a management console snap-in and extend customer's existing directory schema to enable directory
support for the HPE lights-out management products. A directory migration tool is available to automate
setup for both methods of integration. In addition, current versions of HPE iLO firmware will support
directory nested groups.

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Re: Can ILO5 be integrated with any LDAP Server?

Hi McCoy,

Thanks for the pointers.

I beleive Novell edirectory referred in quick specs  is same as  NETIQ Identity Manager/eDirectory