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Can't connect to ILO

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Can't connect to ILO

I'm new to ILO and I have a feeling there is something simple that I have missed. 


I went into RBSU and setup a static IP for the ILO. I also changed the Administrator password to something more human readable.  The ILO is connected to a switch, and is not on the production network.  There is no DNS or DHCP for the management network, and there are only 2 other machines connected to it right now. I would be happy to put DNS/DHCP on the 192 net, but when I try to setup DHCP, there is nothing to bind with except the production NIC.  HPONCFG_GUI.exe can read and update the configuration.  Connectinf via http, https or telnet port 443 fail.  I have the latest drivers and firmware from HP and I have gone over them several times to make sure.


Here is the system:

Proliant ML350 G6

Production network IP is

ILO IP mask gateway




What am I missing?

Oscar A. Perez
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Re: Can't connect to ILO

Are you using the Shared Network Port by a chance?

How about the other NIC settings. Are you forcing Full Duplex or a particular Link speed on iLO or at the switch?

Setting everything to Auto-Negotiation is the way to go.

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