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Re: Cannot Connect to lights-out

Deon van Zyl
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Cannot Connect to lights-out

We have the server booted so we can terminal to windows but lights-out cannot be reached even though we are hitting the correct IP on HTTPS ? What can be the problem and what other methods can a Person use to connect to this onboard lights-out cards ? Thanks for any answers
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Re: Cannot Connect to lights-out

Here are some troubleshooting suggestions:

- Is the iLO network cable installed?
- Access iLO RBSU and verify the IP and configuration settings - make sure iLO is enabled and that the DHCP address and lease is valid.
- Try temporarily configuring iLO with a static IP address.
- Can you ping iLO?
- Browse to http:// [not https.]
- Use the IP address instead of DNS name.
- try to connect using SSH
- Use HPONCFG (HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility) to extract the current configuration if you cannot shut down the OS at this time.
- Update to the latest iLO firmware. This has the effect of also rebooting iLO.

Please let us know how this goes!
Deon van Zyl
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Re: Cannot Connect to lights-out

Thanks will check it tomorrow