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Re: Clearing IML Log on Novell Netware 5.7

Daniel D'Amato
New Member

Clearing IML Log on Novell Netware 5.7

SCOM has came up with some HP Proliant Intergrated Management Log Alerts.

Unfortuantly the server is Novell Netware and has a RILOE II card.

Does anyone know a way to be able to clear the IML log either through Novell or RILOE?
Lars Nilsson_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: Clearing IML Log on Novell Netware 5.7

Hi Daniel
First of all - I don't think your server is running NetWare 5.7. (There is no such NetWare version).
If you run "version" at the server prompt, it probably shows "Novell Enterprise Server, NetWare 6.5" (5.70.0x is the Novell internal server version).

You can't clear IML log events through the RILOE card - only watch them.
However, you have at least two other options to do it:

1. If ever the Proliant Support Pack was installed on the server, you probably have the Insight Manager Agents running which allows you to clear the IML through the Web Agent. To see if it's responding, point your web browser to: http://[servername or IP]:2301

2. If the above fails, try typing "CPQIML" at the server prompt. (CPQIML is the stand alone "HP ProLiant Integrated Management Log Viewer").
If you get "??? Unknown command ???", this utility is not installed, but it's easily fixed by downloading it from:

Good Luck!