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Config ILO2 for firewall

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Config ILO2 for firewall

hi there,

i used to use my ILO2 before without any problem.recently we have setup a firewall and i dont know how to connect to the ILO2. for e.g. my HP server with ILO2 is being used by remote users.i n the firewall i used Port Forwarding.i mean i have setup the firewall to forward the public ip to the private ip of the hp server. now my problem is how do i forward the public ip of ilo to the private ip. i mean i dont have private ip setup for the ilo2.i dont know how to setup a private ip to the ilo2 network card.please help.


Re: Config ILO2 for firewall


iLO 2 allows you to configure which services are enabled on iLO 2 and user access to iLO 2.
All the ports that iLO 2 uses are listed on the Administraion/Access/Services page. The help link summarizes:
Port Description
22 Secure Shell (SSH)
23 Remote Console / telnet
80 Web Server Non-SSL (HTTP)
443 Web Server SSL (HTTPS)
3389 Terminal Services
17988 Virtual Media
9300 Shared Remote Console
17990 Console Replay
3002 Raw Serial Data

For IRC, you will need 23, 443
and optionally 17988, 9300, 17990

refer page 33 of ILO 2 user guide

So you need to change the security settings for these port inorder to access ILO 2 using firewall.

Also refer to page no. 23 of HP Integrated Lights-Out security guide which explains ports and their access pretty well.

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