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Configure iLO/HP OA authenticate against AD or other user respository

Terence Ng

Configure iLO/HP OA authenticate against AD or other user respository

I have many Proliant rackmount servers over 100 (i.e. DL360/G5, DL380/G5, etc.), p-Class blade servers as well as c-Class blade server, also over 100 blade servers.

So far, I have to create accounts for those IT administraors on the iLO of each Proliant rackmount servers and p-Class blade servers and for HP Onboard Administrator. It introduces quite a lot of support burden and unfriendly authentication to all of us.

For me, it is cumbersome to manage a lot of accounts.

For other IT administrator, they have to recall the iLO URL path and the credentials.

I have playe around with iLO and HP OA and found that iLO and HP OA can authenticate against AD over encrypted LDAP only. Since our AD administrator has hesitation on installing SSL Certificate on our AD servers, so the integraion with AD over encrypted LDAP is infeasible in our case.

Can anyone tell if there is any means (besides AD + encrypted LDAP) to manage single respository for iLO and HP OA authentication at role-based control to minimize the administration overhead?

I also studied HP SIM integration with iLO and HP OA, whereas, it is not the perfered solution if there is any other better way out. I would prefer a solution that authenticates against our Corporate AD directly or over non-encrypted LDAP (the only choice when there is no choice).