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Configure iLO

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Configure iLO

Hi all,

I have DL380 G4 that I need to have iLO configured. I already have Advanced license for it. Do I need to have anything else besides IP/NM/etc.? Does it use any special network cable or just regular RJ45 straighthrough? Do I need any KVM over IP switch to use this? Since I can reboot the server, can I download the hpcfg util and configure it from there? Am I overlooking anything? Can someone point me to the right direction please? I've read and looked like I am required to boot the server up and press F8 to configure it. Is this true?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Re: Configure iLO


to make it easy you can test with a cable from a PC and server and configure your ilo and test once you now you can configure your normally

just a RJ45 cable.

this says how to do it, page 14

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