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Cross Domain Authentica​tion with iLo 2 and 3

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Cross Domain Authentica​tion with iLo 2 and 3

We have been supporting the LDAP authentication for iLo adapters that is restricted to one AD account domain. However we have been moving towards using Universal groups for some time now.  I have been testing to allow LDAP authentication using Universal groups but cross domain authentication does not work. User authentication only works for one AD account domain. Need to setup admins. that are in different locations with IDs in different AD account domains. Wanted to ask if this is supported for iLo2 and iLo3 adapters and if there is any documentation that addresses the requirements and configuration to set this up.

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Re: Cross Domain Authentica​tion with iLo 2 and 3

I've gotten cross-domain authentication with ilo3/4 but not 2. I use the same settings but 2 just won't work.


Here are my settings in case you're wondering.


Group accounts - CN=Groupname,OU=ouname,OU=ouname,DC=dcname,DC=com

use default schema

directory server address:

dir user context 1 - OU=ouname,OU=ouname,DC=domain,DC=com