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DL 380 G8 ILO problems

Jon Steele
Valued Contributor

DL 380 G8 ILO problems


The issue we're seeing. We've upgraded our ilos' firmware from 2.40 to 2.54 and since the upgrade 2 weeks ago, one by one the ilos' are going snmp unreachable/temp status other:(1). In addition to that the server's ilo will report that power utilization is high. While the server is in this state all snmp reporting is down and the ilo gui also won't report any data about the server. 


We've tried upgrading ilo to 2.55 and rebooting the hpilo cli tool to restart ilo to no success. The only fix we can find is to power the box down and then pull the power cords on the server for 30 seconds.

any suggestions is welcomed

Thank you