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DL360 G6 System Health Warning

Michael Grech

DL360 G6 System Health Warning

I have a DL360 G6 server as a VMWare Vsphere host. The System Health warning LED is flashing red, but I don't know how to tell what component is having a problem. The server has no harddrives but is using the internal USB port as the drive for the Vsphere OS. I also checked the SID LED display for fans, memory, cpu's, etc but the LED's are all off. Any thoughts on how I can figure out the System Health warning without powering down or rebooting the server?
Stefan måhl
Occasional Advisor

Re: DL360 G6 System Health Warning

Take a look at the memory configuration.
You should spread out the dimm's equal on the memory channels.
If you have 1cpu you may only use half of the memory slots.

Take a look at the DL360G6 quickspec: