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DL360 Onboard video

Patrick Côté
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DL360 Onboard video

Hi all,
I have a DL360 G2 with a defect onboard video card. I try to add a video card (PCI 64) but still no image! Is there a way to do that.....i suppose i have to go to bios to deactivate the onboard video image!!
Also, the console on my ILO port doesn't work...
Someone have an idea?
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Re: DL360 Onboard video

If the onboard video is defective, then you may be unable to access the remote console using iLO since this is tied to the onboard video controller- it depends what is defective.

You can add a 3rd party video adapter to the host. The system ROM BIOS will automatically select the new adapter as the primary controller.

If you can get OS support to load for both adapters, then you should be able to access the output from the integrated video using iLO.