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DL360 g4 ILO remote console

Rene Mansveld
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DL360 g4 ILO remote console

When i try to logon with remote console via ILO i getting the message that That this computer is in use and can only be u,oacked by an adminstrator. I try to unlock this with the local admin account and still getting this message. Did a firmware update to 1.8 of the ILo but that didn't work.

has anyone a clue how i can solve this problem

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Re: DL360 g4 ILO remote console

That rrror message sounds like the OS administrator account, not the iLO user account.

Try logging-in with user credentials in the OS Administrators group. If you can't do this, and you are locked out of the OS, you may have to reboot the platform.