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DL380 G3 iLO card shows disabled when booting

Mark Kerr
Occasional Contributor

DL380 G3 iLO card shows disabled when booting

We have some DL380 G3 with an integrated iLO/rib card that shows disabled when booting. There is no F8 to go into the configuration and the switch inside the DL380 is set of OFF to enable iLO. I set the switch to disable (ON) and powered it on. I then powered if off and set the switch to enable (OFF), but it still shows disabled.
Christian Mentschik
Regular Advisor

Re: DL380 G3 iLO card shows disabled when booting

hi, i think, two possibilities:

1. The iLO RBSU can be disabled. This prevents anyone from configuring iLO or user accounts using that utility.
Normally, the iLO Option ROM prompts you to press to enter RBSU, but if iLO is disabled or iLO RBSU is disabled, the RBSU prompt is bypassed.

2. The iLO system can be disabled. Disabling Lights-Out Functionality eliminates all network-based access to iLO, and prevents re-enabling iLO without physical intervention via the iLO Security Override Switch.
The iLO Option ROM displays a message during POST when Lights-Out Functionality is disabled. You will not be allowed to enter the iLO ROM Based Setup Utility (RBSU) either.

You can disable the iLO NIC or disable the iLO RBSU separately, rather than disabling the entire system. Disabling iLO takes place when you apply the setting changes.

Integrated Lights-Out self-disables if a RILOE or RILOE-II adapter is detected in the system

i found both in the help of the ilos's.

i hope it helps you to limit your problem.

greeting christian

ps: is it possible to go over the http to the ilo?
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Re: DL380 G3 iLO card shows disabled when booting

If the problem persists...

1) create firmware update diskettes using the latest firmware
2) un-plug the host (no power)
3) set the iLO security override switch. Typically this is "on" or, override enabled.
4) plug-in the host
4) boot to the diskettes and update the firmware. Remove the diskette(s).
5) reboot the host
6) enter iLO RBSU
7) select "set defaults" and save changes.
8) power off
9) restore the iLO security override switch.