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Disabling IPMI on ILo 2,3,4

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Disabling IPMI on ILo 2,3,4

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I have a request to disable IPMI on Ilo cards for security reasons. Tought there are procedure to perform the same, i would like to know what will be the impact on the functionality of Ilo doing so. 




Re: Disabling IPMI on ILo 2,3,4

Hello -  RoshanHalan1 

About IPMI we have a HPE iLO IPMI User Guide, that explain better about this subject.

Overview The term Intelligent Platform Management (IPMI), refers to autonomous monitoring and recovery features implemented directly in platform management hardware and firmware. The key characteristics of IPMI are available independently of the main processors, BIOS, and operating system. These characteristics include: • Inventory • Monitoring • Logging • Recovery control Platform management functions are available even when the system is in a powered down state. IPMI capabilities are a key component in providing enterprise-class management for HA systems. Platform status information is obtained and recovery actions initiated in situations where system management software and normal in-band management mechanisms are unavailable. The independent monitoring, logging, and access functions available through IPMI provide a level of manageability built-in to the platform hardware. This manageability supports systems with no system management software available for the particular operating system, or the end user who elects not to load or enable the system management software.

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Re: Disabling IPMI on ILo 2,3,4


I believe you are asking about disabling IPMI/DCMI over LAN. For iLO4, this setting can be disabled from the iLO Web GUI -> Administration -> Access Settings. You can look at the setting for "IPMI/DCMI over LAN Access" and flip it to "Disabled". I believe we will have similar settings for iLO 2, iLO 3 as well. Hope this helps.

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Re: Disabling IPMI on ILo 2,3,4

What functionality will I lose if I disable  IPMI/DCMI over LAN?  We use applications like LANSweeper and Nagios for asset management and health monitoring.  Will these applications be affected?  Thanks. 

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Re: Disabling IPMI on ILo 2,3,4


can you use ipmitool CLI command to enable/disable IPMI/DCMI over LAN on iLO5?