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Does "cpqlocfg.exe" works for "HP Integrity" servers ?

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Does "cpqlocfg.exe" works for "HP Integrity" servers ?


I am trying to get power status of "ilo 2 advanced" server but it throws following error

Valid XML Syntax

Connecting to Server..
Negotiated cipher: 168-bit Triple DES with RSA and a SHA1 MAC
cpqlocfg.exe: ERROR: Malformed RIB response: (146):
501 Not Implemented

501 Not Implemented

The requested method is not recognized by this server.


same script is working for proliant servers.

Do we need to install advanced license to use "cpqlocfg" ?

does "hp integrity" servers supports cpqlocfg ?

(newbie to iLO)

Can somebody explains what is going wrong ?

thanks in advance !!!
pratap m keshava
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Re: Does "cpqlocfg.exe" works for "HP Integrity" servers ?

No CPQLOCFG doesn't work with "HP Integrity" servers. HP Integrity servers support XML interface in a different way.

Check the thread for more information.