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Exporting ILO Config for Scripting

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Exporting ILO Config for Scripting

I'm trying to use hponcfg to export the settings so that I can deploy it out to other servers. However, it fails error: "managment processor busy" when I run the utility.

C:\Program Files\HP\hponcfg>hponcfg /a /w c:\ilo.xml
Firmware Revision = 1.80 Device type = iLO 2 Driver name = CpqCiDrv
Management Processor Busy. Please try after some time.
ERROR: Failed to capture the configuration.
C:\Program Files\HP\hponcfg>

Any ideas. Searching through other posts here hasn't turned anything up.

Jimmy Vance
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Re: Exporting ILO Config for Scripting

A couple of things to try. Reset iLO, update the iLO channel driver.
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