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Find ilo ip and server model(esxi is deployed on the HP servers)


Find ilo ip and server model(esxi is deployed on the HP servers)

Hello All, i have been asked to get the list of servers in our environment their ilo IP, server model, and firmware version.

looking for a script to get these info


$strHostsClusterName = "Cluster Name"   

Get-View -ViewType HostSystem -Property Name, Runtime.HealthSystemRuntime.SystemHealthInfo.NumericSensorInfo -SearchRoot (Get-View -ViewType ClusterComputeResource -Property Name -Filter @{"Name" = "^$([RegEx]::escape($strHostsClusterName))$"}).MoRef | %{   

    $arrNumericSensorInfo = @($_.Runtime.HealthSystemRuntime.SystemHealthInfo.NumericSensorInfo)   

    # HostNumericSensorInfo for BIOS, iLO, array controller   

    $nsiBIOS = $arrNumericSensorInfo | ? {$_.Name -like "*System BIOS*"}   

    $nsiArrayCtrlr = $arrNumericSensorInfo | ? {$_.Name -like "HP Smart Array Controller*"}   

    $nsiILO = $arrNumericSensorInfo | ? {$_.Name -like "Hewlett-Packard BMC Firmware*"}   


    $esxName = $_.Name  

    $esxcli = Get-EsxCli -VMHost $_.Name  

    $ | %{  

      $$_.Name) | %{ 

          $props = [ordered]@{ 

              VMHost = $esxName   

              "SystemBIOS" = $   

              "HPSmartArray" = $nsiArrayCtrlr.Name   

              "iLOFirmware" = $nsiILO.Name   

              "nx_nic device" = $_.Name   

              "nx_nic driver" = $_.DriverInfo.Driver  

              "nx_nic driver version" = $_.DriverInfo.Version  

              "nx_nic firmware version" = $_.DriverInfo.FirmwareVersion  

          } ## end new-object   

          New-Object PSObject -Property $props 



} | Export-Csv C:\inventory.csv


Re: Find ilo ip and server model(esxi is deployed on the HP servers)

Hi Vijay,

Thanks for writing to us.

First and foremost we dont support any customized or any 3rd Party Scripts on our servers.

You might have to contact the Vendor on there scripts work to pull the hardware inventory., it might work fine or may not HPE does not hold any responsiblity of the functionality.

I can suggest you our HPE software to pull the invnetoy of HPE servers which is System Insight Manager:

SIM Features:

Inventory Management and Reporting

  • The HPE Systems Insight Manager software discovers and identifies devices, and provides access to inventory data in a database.
  • Generate pre-defined reports or create your own reports. You can edit, copy, and delete report configurations.
  • Schedule reports and have them emailed to you as needed.
  • Obtain contract and warranty reports when you integrate HPE SIM with HPE Insight Remote Support.

For more info on SIM please visit






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Jimmy Vance

Re: Find ilo ip and server model(esxi is deployed on the HP servers)

We most certainly support scripts and command line utilities., I'm not sure what tools HPE offers for ESXi as I'm not familiar with VMware ,  HPE does provide tools such as the ProLiant Scripting Toolkit for Linux and Windows as well as many Powershell cmdlets There are many other scripts and tools created by users to gather ProLiant system information.  I use a script I found many years ago called that crawls the network and finds every iLO and will gather the iLO IP Address, iLO HW, iLO FW, Server S/N, and Server Model. The script runs on any system that supports bash and the other GNU itlities required to make the script work (nmap and curl). This script provides most of the information you are requesting, but it is only presenting some of the information in the output, the script gathers a lot more, you can modify the output  I've updated and modified it over the years to include newer versions of the iLO ASIC   This thread discusses and old version of the script.  The 'nachotech' blog where it originated doesn't' appear to be around anymore, but there is also a version somebody put in github


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