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Gen10 iLO Insight Manager and Event Notifier

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Gen10 iLO Insight Manager and Event Notifier

I am having significant trouble installing some monitoring for a DL360 Gen10 with iLO 5. Previously we would install the HP Insight Manager and the other tools such as:

  • HP Insight Event Notifier
  • HP Insight Foundation Agents
  • HP Insight NIC Agents
  • HP Insight Server Agents
  • HP Insight Storage Agents
  • HP Smart Array SAS/SATA Event Notification Service
  • HP System Management Homepage
  • HP WMI Storage Providers

But now, I only seem to be able to install the System Management Homepage, and get access to some basic information but can not for the life of me see how to access the Event Notifier etc. 

Reading in the System Management Homepage that I require HP Insight Foundation, but can't find where to download that either. 

Ultimately we are trying to configure, as we always have, a method to send an email notification for when the RAID volume has an error/failed disk. 

Any help would be really appreciated. Server is running Windows 2016, and is currently in warranty.

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Re: Gen10 iLO Insight Manager and Event Notifier

I will continue to look for a place to download the Insight Essentials pack. 

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Re: Gen10 iLO Insight Manager and Event Notifier

Over the past few generations, mamangment has been moving away from the agents.  Please review the information here

HPE Agentless Management and the transition from OS-based agents

HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO 5) for Gen10 Servers - Configuring iLO Management Settings


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Re: Gen10 iLO Insight Manager and Event Notifier

You may Like to refer this Customer Notice

Refer this article for the instructions

HPE Agentless Management

AMS is installed automatically if user use the Intelligent Provisioning Recommended installation method for Windows installation.



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