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General ILO and AD integration problem

Steve Barringer
New Member

General ILO and AD integration problem

I'm experiencing some problems with a number of ILO's (possibly all of them) with AD integration.

We've discovered that on a number of ILO's users are able to log in using their AD credentials but they should NOT be able to - they are not listed in any of the ROLES which are associated with the DEVICE however we believe they may have been in in a ROLE which was associated in the past

Secondly if I try to add a ROLE to a DEVICE the ROLE does not appear in the list and when I click on OK I get an error window with title hpqdemco and message "Error saving DS info: 0x8007202f" which I have to cancel. If I then check the ROLE object the DEVICE is listed but no one in the ROLE can log in to the ILO.

Conversely if I try this the other way round I am able to add a DEVICE to a ROLE without error and if I look at the DEVICE the ROLE is listed but no one in the ROLE can log into the ILO.

I've looked in the Directoy Services event log on the Domain Controllers when the error is generated but nothing appears to be logged.

This seems to affect both ILO and ILO2 on various firmware versions (The error is appearing in AD Users and Computers so firmware and ILO version should not be relevant anyway)

Running the lights out Migration utility again will setup the DEVICE and ROLES correctly but then we are unable to change them later.

Could anyone suggest or know what might be happening here and how to fix it or how I could do some additional debugging?

many thanks