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Granting AD groups access to iLO using cpqlocfg.exe

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Granting AD groups access to iLO using cpqlocfg.exe


I'm tring to write an XML file to configure iLO on a number of our servers. I would like to have some properties defined from the command line, rather than from within the xml file. One thing that I can not get working is granting an AD group access to iLO. I've stripped down my XML file so it only does this task. However I simply cannot get the namevalueproperties thing to work. My XML file is:


	<LOGIN USER_LOGIN="Administrator" PASSWORD="Password">
		<DIR_INFO MODE="write">
				<DIR_GRPACCT1_NAME value=%AdministratorsGroup%/>
				<DIR_GRPACCT1_PRIV VALUE="1,2,3,4,5"/>

 The command line I'm using to execute is:

cpqlocfg -s ilo-hostname -u Administrator -p Password -f test.xml -t AdministratorsGroup='"CN=ILO_Group,OU=test,DC=my,DC=domain"'

The error I get is:

1 - Syntax error: Line #7: syntax error near "=" in the line: "<DIR_GRPACCT1_NAME value=%AdministratorsGroup%/>"

What I've done looks like it is straight out of the iLO guide on page 15 (

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Oscar A. Perez
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Re: Granting AD groups access to iLO using cpqlocfg.exe

I believe you stripped down your XML way too much.  iLO might be requiring some of the tags you removed to be able to process the script. 


Try adding back




and if you still get the error, add back


<DIR_ENABLE_GRP_ACCT value = "yes"/>


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