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HP DL380 G5 ILo2 and IE8

Jack Buechler
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HP DL380 G5 ILo2 and IE8

I can log in correctly, see all the features. But when I go to remote console - the screen opens a large square with a small square in the top left corner, this is where the remote console should appear. A few seconds later this dissapears and a 'close' checkbox appears. Clicking that closes the remote console screen and returns me to the main ILO2 screen.

I have tried accessing this ILO2 from a few PC's and they all do the same thing.

it is running ILO2 V2.05

Anyone got any clues - I can;t be the only one with this issue. It has been working in the past.

Re: HP DL380 G5 ILo2 and IE8

This advisory is for iLO 2 firmware 1.82 but you are already at 2.05

Try the resolution given in this article, it might help.

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