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HP ILO pass through service

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HP ILO pass through service

A daft question but can someone please tell me how / where to install the HP ILO Passthrough service from or does this come with SP1 on server 2003?

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Re: HP ILO pass through service

Here are the steps to get terminal services to run through iLO. Start here:
Pick your iLO processor and server OS, then download:
- the iLO driver
- the Light-Out Passthrough Service
- the iLO firmware

1) verify that remote access is enabled for the target. (My Computer/Properties/Remote/Remote Desktop)

2) verify that iLO is running current firmware.

3) for non-blades, verify that iLO has a license key installed, or get an evaluation license key here and install it:

4) verify that iLO has the passthrough configuration set to Enabled or Automatic.

5) Install the iLO driver

6) Install the Passthrough service

Now get started:
Automatic: If you have the passthrough configured for Automatic, log into iLO and then launch the remote console. This should cause your terminal services client to automatically start.

Enabled: If you have the passthrough configured for Enabled, you can launch the terminal services client (start/run/mstsc) and "point" it at the iLO.