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HP ILO (versions 2 and 3)

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Brian Proteau
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HP ILO (versions 2 and 3)

We have HP IP KVM Consoles so we haven't messed with ILO and I'm looking for information.

(1) Differences between free and licensed. Probably the thing we would use is the Remote Console. This chart confused me. It seems to show remote console as part of the standard features but, it appears to actually need a license.

(2) I noticed some SNMP stuff in there. With ESXi we lose the SMH and the more comprehensive drill down for hardware monitoring. Can ILO provide additional information up to Inisght Manager console that isn't provided with ESXi and HP CIM providers?

(3) What are some of the other useful pieces of ILO that people use?
Jimmy Vance
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Re: HP ILO (versions 2 and 3)

Without the license remote console only function during POST. Having full remote console and virtual media is a must have for managing the systems remotely. I use the features daily.
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