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Re: HP Itanium - ILO2 no security tab

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HP Itanium - ILO2 no security tab

We are running HP Itanium 64bit HP-UX11.23 and ILO2. Wanted to setup ILO to send SNMP trap messages to HPSIM on disk errors. I clicked on Advanced Tab in ILO2 and don't see the security tab. Should I have to load anything else for full Admin access ?


Ramamurthy Dasari
kris rombauts
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Re: HP Itanium - ILO2 no security tab

The SNMP traps for disk subsystem related issues are not configured at the iLO level, they have to be configured at the OS level with the right management or diagnostic software.

On Windows and Linux this is done by the Insight Management Agents or Server Management Agents, on HP-UX it is something simmilar that has to be loaded.