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HP Proliant ML150G6 ILO Licensing issue

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HP Proliant ML150G6 ILO Licensing issue

Hi All..


I purchased an ML150G6 from a popular auction site and the ILO was unlicensed. After purchasing an ILO 100 Advanced license (unopened) i installed the key which was accepted. ILO then functioned correctly when tested including the KVM and Media etc. When I go to try it again, the license key is the same but instead of ILO advanced t shows ILO Individual. The KVM/Virtual Media options are gone and the ILO is back to original finctionality.. I reinstalled the key which was accepted again but there was no change in functionality. Can anyone explain what has happened and how this could be remediated please as googling has returned no joy..


Many thanks in advance!


Re: HP Proliant ML150G6 ILO Licensing issue

If your ILO license was a white envelope with a single paperboard with yellow sticker with a code attached to it.   You have been had.  This license is the CTO license and can only be activated at a HP factory.   I’ve noticed quite a few of the licenses on eBay are this type, and I wish HP would sue eBay as when a person like myself reports the piracy eBay refuses to remove them.


The blue and white envelope you need to create a licensing portal account enter your servers serial number and the key and a new key will be emailed to you.   Some of the authorization keys will go into the ILO but once the ILO goes online it will see the key is not on the activation server and deactivate.