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HP-iLO Driver HP-PSP

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HP-iLO Driver HP-PSP

What is the use of this HP-iLO Driver in the HP Proliant Server? If I uninstall this driver, what will be the effect of my Proliant servers?
pratap m keshava
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Re: HP-iLO Driver HP-PSP

Hponcfg will not work - It is used to configure iLO from within the OS

SMH (System Management Homepage) will not have the iLO information or association

SIM (System Insight Manager) will not have the proper association between the nodes and their iLO's.

It doesn't affect ProLiant server as such. Server will continue to work even when iLO is completely down. If iLO is properly configured, you will still be able to access iLO from over the network but not from within OS on server.
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Re: HP-iLO Driver HP-PSP

Thanks for your reply.
That means All the communication between the host os and iLO is through this hp-ilo. Am i right? Then, what is the use of hp-ipmi driver?

Then, hp-ilo is required to use the snmp pass thru option right?

Do you know how the routing of snmp packets dont when snmp-pass thru option is enabled?
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Re: HP-iLO Driver HP-PSP

Agents and utilities communicate with iLO using the iLO driver.

The system "health" monitoring communicates with iLO using a different IPMI interface.

IPMI is an "standards-based" interface which lacks much of the functionality of the driver interface, but provides platform managment support. The support probably could have been combined into a single driver, but then it wouldn't be standards-based and off the shelf tools would not be supported.