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HP-integrated Lights Out

Irfan Ahmed_1

HP-integrated Lights Out

Hi gurus,
I want to know what is HP-integrated Lights Out. Why it is used & how can I findout whether this is present in my system

Michael Schulte zur Sur
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Re: HP-integrated Lights Out


here you find some information about it.
With the board you have access to the machine even though it is down.


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Re: HP-integrated Lights Out

Hi Irfan,

As for as I know, it is there in EVA Management Appliance. i.e. SMA.

As the name indicates, you can power on/off the system and reboot the system remotely.

Normally Ethernet port marked as ILO can be seen on the server I/O side.

I think, I am not very sure,
it is available on all GIII HP proliant servers

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Re: HP-integrated Lights Out

This link has information about a similar question- what is iLO and how is it used:

As for how do you know if you have it... There are a few ways. I know about ProLiant servers, but cannot say about Integrity or other classes of servers.

Most ProLiant 300 and 500-series servers support it. All ProLiant P-class blade servers support it. You can find this out on the server pages for that generation server.

You can also look for the "iLO" RJ-45 port on the back of servers, or monitor the text during server POST for the iLO prompt.

There is also a supported server matrix here:
I think the information is correct for iLO (although it indicates RILOE II).