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HP's Newest Useless Feature "Caution"

Robert W. Eastman Jr._2
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HP's Newest Useless Feature "Caution"

Just a word of warning for anyone is using the Firmware CD to update the servers firmware. HP has introduced the worst feature in the 9.0 Firmware CD. If you choose or don't pay attention to do the Automatic Firmware update when you boot into their CD your iLO firmware will be downgraded to 1.81 if it is at 1.82 of iLO2. I am looking into if this stupid feature downgrades any other firmware that might be on the server. Leave it to HP to implement something like this with without actually notifying the user that this would be happening.

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Ken Krubsack
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Re: HP's Newest Useless Feature "Caution"

Yeah, I noticed the same thing a couple of days ago. I've been told if you create a thumb-drive version of 9.0 you can add the 1.82 firmware file to it and not have this issue. Haven't tried that yet.