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HPILOCmdlets Get Fimware Info is not consistent


HPILOCmdlets Get Fimware Info is not consistent

I'm getting inconsistent results when running Get-HPiLOFirmwareInfo power shell against BL460 g9 blades. As shown below some servers only disply the iLO firmware while others show additional firmware info. All the blades have the same configuration. Any help would be appreciated. If I use the iLO Rest API (i.e  all the details are shown for all blades correctly.

Powershell results:


@{IP=; Hostname=; StatusType=OK; ProductID=727021-B21; SerialNumber=USE6317VST}

@{FIRMWARE_NAME=iLO; FIRMWARE_VERSION=2.40 Dec 02 2015; Index=1}


@{IP=; Hostname=; StatusType=OK; ProductID=727021-B21; SerialNumber=USE6317TM4}

@{FIRMWARE_NAME=iLO; FIRMWARE_VERSION=2.40 Dec 02 2015; Index=1} @{FIRMWARE_NAME=System ROM; FIRMWARE_VERSION=I36 v1.40 (05/06/2015); Index=2} @{FIRMWARE_NAME=Redundant System ROM; FIRMWARE_VERSION=I36 v1.40 (05/06/2015); Index=3} @{FIRMWARE_NAME=Intelligent Provisioning; FIRMWARE_VERSION=N/A; Index=4} @{FIRMWARE_NAME=Intelligent Platform Abstraction Data; FIRMWARE_VERSION=14.2; Index=5} @{FIRMWARE_FAMILY=14h; FIRMWARE_NAME=Power Management Controller Firmware; FIRMWARE_VERSION=1.0.9; Index=6} @{FIRMWARE_NAME=Power Management Controller FW Bootloader; FIRMWARE_VERSION=1.0; Index=7} @{FIRMWARE_NAME=System Programmable Logic Device; FIRMWARE_VERSION=Version 0x17; Index=8} @{FIRMWARE_NAME=Server Platform Services (SPS) Firmware; FIRMWARE_VERSION=; Index=9}



Module details:

PS > get-HPiLOModuleversion

Name                    : HPiLOCmdlets
Path                    : C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\PowerShell\Modules\HPiLOCmdlets\HPiLOCmdlets.psm1
Description             : Scripting Tools for Windows PowerShell : iLO Cmdlets use the RIBCL interface to communicate
                          to iLO. These cmdlets can be used to configure and manage iLO on HPE ProLiant Gen7, Gen8 or
                          Gen9 servers.
GUID                    : 05545ade-5f25-4696-bfcc-e1d67fe32519
Version                 :
CurrentUICultureName    : en-US
CurrentUICultureVersion :
AvailableUICulture      : {@{UICultureName=en-US; UICultureVersion=}, @{UICultureName=zh-CN;
                          UICultureVersion=}, @{UICultureName=ja-JP; UICultureVersion=}}



Re: HPILOCmdlets Get Fimware Info is not consistent


Can you run the cmdlet with -OutputType as "RIBCL" for each of the IP and check the RIBCL xml whether the data is coming from the iLO blade servers.

Get-HPiLOFirmwareInfo -OutputType RIBCL <<rest of the parameters>>



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