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Re: HPONCFG GUI and UAC - Windows 2008

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HPONCFG GUI and UAC - Windows 2008

After installing a recent HP Support Pack and some firmware updates, I now have the GUI for HPONCFG ( - the tool to configure the ILO settings. WONDERFUL!

However, on our Win2008 servers, we have User Account Control (UAC) enabled. When I run the tool via the shortcut which is created in ALL PROGRAMS > HP SYSTEM TOOLS > HP LIGHTS OUT ONLINE CONFIG, UAC isn't interfaced properly and I get several 'access denied' errors and the tool fails to launch properly.

I resolved this by simply creating my own shortcut, pointing to the actual EXE (which can be right-clicked > 'Run As Admin') but I wondered if HP has a solution for this as this will affect every W2k8 system we deploy the new updates to and creating those shortcuts is a step I'd like to avoid, if possible.

Ben Short
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Re: HPONCFG GUI and UAC - Windows 2008

Hi Hilde,

My rather humble opinion with UAC is that unless you have people logging into the server that don;t particularly know what they are doing, turn the UAC off :)

The past 2 organisations I have been with have made the policy decision to have UAC turned off because it proved a hinderance to admins trying to do their work, and having a dedicated server/infrastructure team all of the people who were logging in to servers knew what they they were doing.

People may disagree with my opinion, but everyone has their own opinion :)
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Re: HPONCFG GUI and UAC - Windows 2008

Thanks for the reply. I realize UAC is a bit of a bouncer-around; some way 'turn off' and some say 'leave on.'

In our case, it was decided to leave it on. MSFT isn't going away from it either.

Therefore, I'd like HP to work within the constraints of UAC and provide a way to get the ILO online config GUI to operate properly.

Thanks again for the reply and the considerations you have for UAC.