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HPONCFG reliability and ease of use

Simon Blears
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HPONCFG reliability and ease of use


Am I the only one that's beating my head against a brick wall with regards to using HPONCFG?

I have many RILO/ILO's that aren't configured properly and I am trying to edit network settings using the sample scrips provided and am having a frustrating mixture of some successes and mostly failures.

On the occasion I need to upgrade the firmware, that works fine but then HPONCFG loses comms with the RILO/ILO (ERROR: Unable to communicate with the RILOE-II/iLO) and I have to reset it via the SIM page (Reset Remote Insight) which then allows HPONCFG to communicate again. Then I try to run a script to edit the duplex speed to FULL (it's set to half) and I get a wonderfully useless error of "MESSAGE='Syntax error: Line #0: syntax error near "<" in the line: ""'"

When I try modifying the script to remove extra lines, leaving just the "" line within the modify section, it's appears to be successful, saying it will reset the board... HPONCFG then loses the ability to talk to the RILO again, so I have to reset AGAIN... However, when I run a 'Get_Network.XML', it's not set to FULL: .


Am I alone here, or do others share my pain?
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Re: HPONCFG reliability and ease of use

I think that your frustration is related to some of the operations you are performing. Specifically, flashing firmware and changing network settings will result in a firmware reset after the script is complete.

During the reset, the LOM processor is unavailable to HPONCFG. Depending on a few factors like configuration, network state, and driver, the processor will return to availability anytime from a few seconds after the script executes to a couple minutes.

You do not need to go to the SIM page to force a reset.

If you are running a series of XML scripts using HPONCFG, for example- in a batch file, you might want to insert a "sleep" command between each script to allow the processor time to complete reset. For example:

hponcfg /f update_fw.xml
sleep 120
hponcfg /f config_nic.xml
sleep 120
hponcfg /f get_nic.xml

I am not sure about the error in line 0 you are seeing. It could be that your XML needs tweaking. The output of a HPONCFG "get" script cannot be used in a "set" script without a little massaging like adding a LOGIN tag.

However, one thing to keep in mind with changing the network speed or duplex: you must first disable the link autonegotiation. Otherwise that overrides what you set the speed and duplex to. In XML, the tag is called SPEED_AUTOSELECT but in reality it is speed and duplex autoselect. I normally leave autonegotiation enabled.

Here is a script that I wrote that modifies the network parameters you want:

Simon Blears
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Re: HPONCFG reliability and ease of use

I just spent half an hour composing a damned answer, hit preview, his 'back' to edit and lost the whole damned thing.

In a nutshell, the RILO II keeps failing to communicate and I have to reset it it from SIM. I have finally managed to get a script that's accepted:

and, when I do a GET_NETWORK.XML, all appears okay:

Yet, SIM is showing it as HALF duplex and it still keeps losing comms.