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HPONCFG - sample scripts & parameters

Richard Quendun
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HPONCFG - sample scripts & parameters

Just an FYI - I was having problems with the Add_User.XML script (obtained from the downloadable samples) and found out it uses a syntax that works on HP DL380s G2/G3 (iLO), but didn't work on ML570 G2 servers (RILOE-II).

The problem lied in parameters with a
<... value ="Yes"/> or
<... value ="No"/>

but if I used
<... value = "Y"/>
<... value = "N"/>

it worked for both just fine.

I finally figured this out by issuing the HPONCFG /w config.xml command and looking at what RIBCL wrote out. It used the abbreviated parameter values (Y and N instead of Yes and No), so I tried those instead and it worked. :)

HPONCFG 1.1 worked on both DL380/ML570.
HPONCFG 1.2 I haven't tested yet
HPONCFG 1.3 did NOT work on the DL 380.

Note to HP: Could you folks update the sample scripts to address the problem described at the top of this post? Thanks!
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Re: HPONCFG - sample scripts & parameters

Thanks for the feedback. The sample scripts will be revised to avoid the syntax inconsistency.