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How does Agentless Mgmt Svc make use of SNMP


How does Agentless Mgmt Svc make use of SNMP

I want to understand better how to setup Agentless Management Service and it's prequesites for all supported OSes. In particular what SNMP settings are required at the OS and iLO levels. Ultimately to best setup Insight Remote Support monitoring of Gen8 Servers and above and includeing C7000 enclousres (with FW above 3.60).


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Re: How does Agentless Mgmt Svc make use of SNMP


In this traditional model, agent management software runs on the OS. This OS-based agent software plugs into the appropriate service to provide SNMP, WMI, or WBEM capabilities in the OS. The software collects server-specific, OS-specific, and industry-standard data. The agent bundles the data and makes it available to applications running on the managed server itself or remote applications.

on the other hand

With the HPE Agentless Management solution, the management software (SNMP and Redfish) operate within the HPE Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) firmware instead of the host’s Operating System (OS) freeing up memory and processor resources on the host’s OS for use by server applications. No agents in the OS means no opening up networks ports reducing security threats, especially for those platforms that may interface directly to the Internet. With HPE Agentless Management in addition to monitoring all key internal subsystems (such as thermal, power, and memory), iLO sends SNMP management alerts directly to any Datacenter Information Management system such as HPE OneView, HPE System Insight Manager (SIM) etc., even with no host OS installed or running.  The optional HPE Agentless Management Service can collect and send specific OS and device information that cannot communicate with the iLO, to the iLO via the PCIe bus..


here you will be able to find all the details:

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Re: How does Agentless Mgmt Svc make use of SNMP



There are 2 connection types for HPE Insight Remote Support.

・Central connect

・Direct connect


The document describes how to configure HPE Insight Remote Support.


* HPE Insight Remote Support and HPE Insight Online Setup Guide for HPE ProLiant Servers and HPE BladeSystem c-Class Enclosures


However, the document doesn’t explain newer information such as firmware requirements for Direct connect.

If you configure not Central connect but Direct connect, I recommend to refer to these Customer Notices.


* Notice: HPE Insight Online - URL Will Be Changing for Insight Online Direct Connect


* Notice: HPE Insight Online - The Onboard Administrator Link Used to Connect to Insight Online Direct Connect Is Changing


Please contact your local HPE Insight Remote Support technical team to get the latest information, if needed.


* HPE Insight Remote Support technical contacts


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