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How to find iLO card presence with WMI/SMS?

Bengt Bergholm
Occasional Contributor

How to find iLO card presence with WMI/SMS?


I'm wondering how I can use our SMS2003 database and/or WMI-information to determine which servers in our offices have iLO cards installed (they are currently not used and I want to find and enable them).

I am VERY new to WMI/SMS so please be as specific as possible regarding paths/scripts/utils/pre-reqs.


David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: How to find iLO card presence with WMI/SMS?

iLO is not a card; it is a management processor on the motherboard. At one level you could theroretically cross-reference models to model name.

The easiest way to do this is if the ProLiant Support Pack is installed with the Insight agents. With that in place, a free download for SMS 2003 (becomes available after the first of the year) will detect and inventory all of the ProLiant-specific stuff (including iLO) on your systems using SMS 2003. More info: --> Integration Modules --> Microsoft --> SMS 2003

The easiest way would be to use HP Systems Insight Manager to do an autodiscovery.