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How to reset the ILO on a DL360 G3

Michael Lalor
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How to reset the ILO on a DL360 G3

the default username and password was changed, but after changing it, it won't accept the new password. Id there a jumper on the motherboard I can flip to reset the ilo to factory defaults? I've read the other threads and they all talk about the HPONCFG.EXE but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Also you still need a username and password to run it. Are there any jumpers or dip switches to set to reset it?

David Claypool
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Re: How to reset the ILO on a DL360 G3

Check inside the top cover for a diagram of dip switches. There is one for security override that give you access without having a password.

The Online Configuration Utility can be found here:
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Re: How to reset the ILO on a DL360 G3

To download this utility, perform these steps:
2) select iLO Standard or iLO Advanced
3) select Software and Drivers
4) pick your product and OS
5) select HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility

The HPONCFG utility requires syntax compliance with RIBCL. This implies that user credentials are required. However, iLO ignores those credentials because this utility is running on the host.

Enter iLO RBSU at POST. The FILE menu has a set to factory defaults option.
If you are locked-out, use the iLO Security Override Switch to temporarily disable security. The switch location for your system is on the hood label. Restore the switch after you are done. Remember to unplug the host while you are adjusting system board switches.

Note: there is not a physical switch to reset iLO.

You can change these in RBSU, using RIBCL (CPQLOCFG or HPONCFG) and via the browser interface.