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ILO 2 Advanced LDAP connectivity issues

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ILO 2 Advanced LDAP connectivity issues


We have multiple Ilo card in our environement but it the first time that we have issue to configure a card like this one

This is the info of the card itself
Integrated Lights-out 2 advanced
Firmware Revisions:
iLO MP: T.03.12
System Firmware: ROM A 04.21, ROM B 04.21, Boot ROM A

Basically we use for all the cards the HP lights-out migration utility version 2.01a ( i also try the version 2.10)

We can never connect to that specific card .. the card is in a special subnet for our Ilo card (other cards are in that subnet and they are accessible).

Just to confirm what port(s) are used to be able to connect from the management utility to the ilo card ?

We try doing the configuration for Directory (eDirectory form novel version 8.7.3) acces by hand .. but we can never connect using a ldap connection ..

We manually created an objet in our Directory (for the card) we gave it the same roles we use for other Ilo cards.

In the configuration web page of the ilo card : We enable directroy authentification with the extended option, configure the directory server , the ldap port (636) , the distinguished name and user search context .. (same configuration as all our Ilo card)

The only thing missing that we have in other card il the Object password .. we don`t have that option in the web page ...

When we try to log in using a ldap user we get the error : LDAP Authentification error

Can someone help me ...

thank you
pratap m keshava
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Re: ILO 2 Advanced LDAP connectivity issues

What is the server model? Are you sure it is ProLiant iLO 2? Integrity iLO may not support HP extended schema method of integration.
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Re: ILO 2 Advanced LDAP connectivity issues

the model of the model of teh card is Integrated Lights-Out 2 advanced HP Integrity ... (see attachment)

it for a BL870c server ..