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ILO-2 Virtual devices disconnecting

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ILO-2 Virtual devices disconnecting


We have half a dozen BL460c G6 servers in a C7000 enclosure, and when I wanted to install the most recent one, I decided to use the Virtual devices option instead of messing about with USB memory or CD/DVDs...

I downloaded the latest SmartStart (8.40 x64) and used the java applet to connect the .iso file as a drive on the BL server.
It started to boot, then hung, and the applet indicated that it was disconnected.
Tried a few more times, but it would F! U! and never get to the start of the SmartStart process.
Gave up and burned a CD...

The server booted on the CD(Luckily, I had a USB-based DVD reader in the server room) and I got the SmartStart process going.

In SmartStart I did the usual choices, then picked 'ILO device' for OS source, and used the applet to connect to a .ISO of W2008 R2, SmartStart found that it looked like a valid source and started copying.
Then the Bl**dy thing disconnected!
Did a couple of tries, and even connected it to a W2008 R2 DVD in my DVD-drive, but it always bombed out.

Every time I tried to reconnect, if I did it too quickly, I would get a message that the server was already connected to a source.

ILO Firmware is 1.81, and we have 2 x Cisco Blade Switches in the interconnect bay.
(The rest of the network is Catalyst 3750 Switches)
Java is Sun, or so IE 8 tells me.

Does anyone have a clue as to why it doesn't work?
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Re: ILO-2 Virtual devices disconnecting

Hi Trygve,

When using virtual media lets say the second scenario with the download ISO of Smart Start. In iLO you mount that ISO as an image.

Then when you are selecting the OS Source you would just choose DVD. The server now thinks that is a local DVD

Hope that helps,

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Re: ILO-2 Virtual devices disconnecting

Maybe that will work on the OS DVD(I have another server that also needs to be installed and can try on that one), but I still have to mess about with a physical media for the SmartStart CD.

As the servers already in use in the c7000 are slated for a wipe and reinstall with 2008, being able to do the entire process using virtual media will save me a lot of time.
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Re: ILO-2 Virtual devices disconnecting

Nope, still doesn't work.
IT works for a couple of minutes, then it disconnects, and the file copying operation fails.
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Re: ILO-2 Virtual devices disconnecting

I have found issues with IE8.0. Try IE 7.0 or lower.
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Re: ILO-2 Virtual devices disconnecting

I am not allowed to use anything but IE 8.0 on my office computer...
(I would really like to install Opera instead... )

Re: ILO-2 Virtual devices disconnecting