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ILO 2 firmware version 2.15 ?

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ILO 2 firmware version 2.15 ?

Hello, can someone clear up some confusion, we had an issue with a few of our ILO's where they shutdown when we were doing a scan on our system, when they shutdown they gave an error and we found a similar error in the link below with a solution to fix it


in the solution it mentions to install ILO 2 Firmware version 2.15   but if im correct in saying ILO 2 only currently goes up to version 2.07


am i missing something here or if the firmware version 2.15 for something else?


many thanks

Oscar A. Perez
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Re: ILO 2 firmware version 2.15 ?

This issue is fixed in iLO2 2.05. 


I will get the support document fixed.

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