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ILO 2 firmware

Gijs Lemahieu
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ILO 2 firmware


We have several HP DL360 G4 servers. As it seems interesting to use ILO, I'm busy to configure this. I bought as license ILO 2 Advanced Pack.
I received a license key which I used to activate.
The firmware installed is 1.62, updated 8th May 2004.
I suppose this firmware only supports ILO 1 en not the advantages of ILO2. This is right?

I would update to the latest version but when I check the website the latest version seems to be 1.43 (see screenshot attached)

How is this possible or what should I do?
Is firmware 1.63 ILO1 and 1.43 ILO2 ?

Thanks for your help, much appreciated!


barnett chan
Trusted Contributor

Re: ILO 2 firmware

The DL360G4 is an iLO1 system. It will not update to iLO2 firmware. The latest firmware for iLO1 is 1.92. 1.43 is the latest fw for iLO2.
Mikael Rönnbäck
Super Advisor

Re: ILO 2 firmware

My SIM server does not seem to be downloading any 1.43 FW for ILO2 for some reason, does anyone happen to have the direct download link on the web ?