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ILO 2 over non default SSL port

Amy Hotere
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ILO 2 over non default SSL port

I had a previous thread that I believe has now been lost. It has take a bit of work to find the actual problem.

It appears that when we change the SSL port to something other than 443 we are not able to connect to the ILO externally. I have made all the appropriate router changes. We cannot use port 443 as RWW runs on this port.

I have updated the firmware to the latest available and still no luck.

Any ideas?
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Re: ILO 2 over non default SSL port

Is there NAT or a proxy between the external client and iLO? This could be a hindrance in additional to the router.

You can configure iLO to use an alternate port and validate this setting inside the firewall. If that fails from the outside, it will be a process of elimination, or possibly picking a different port that is allowed to pass.