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ILO 3 Remote Console Mouse Syncronization

Richard Lund
Occasional Contributor

ILO 3 Remote Console Mouse Syncronization

I am experiencing the same sycronization issues in remote console with my ILO 3's as with the ILO's of past. All hp documentation says to check the mouse exceleration settings or hold right mouse button and move the cursor as we did in the past. ILO 3 does not have the mouse acceleration option available.Using the right mouse button does not respond either anylonger. I am at FW 1.15 Does anyone have a solution? The OS on server is not the issue either as I get the same problem when booting to smart startas well.

Re: ILO 3 Remote Console Mouse Syncronization

Hi Richard,

don't use dual cursor mode in ILO remote console window and disable High performance mouse option from remote console windows. u need to uncheck that option

now try.

hope this helps,

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