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ILO 4 - sometimes no response about NIC health


ILO 4 - sometimes no response about NIC health

Hi all


I have a big problem with two HP ProLiant 380p Gen8 servers.

We use some 3rd-party software to collect the SNMP informations trough ILO4 (ILO4 - agentless management)

If we poll the OIDs for the NICs like  over ILO4 , then we have a big amount of "no response". This happens ONLY on the NIC status. Powersupply, memory, harddrive, raid, everything other has no timeouts.


This issue is reproducable on all other HP ProLiant 380p Gen8 we have.


We have reset the ILO4 tried different firmwares (include the latest) - everytime the same "timeout" problem


For testing we used Paessler SNMP Tester and set the automatic polling count to 5 seconds.


Attached you find the log file from the tool. Search for "Value: No response (check: firewalls, routing, snmp settings of device, IPs, SNMP version, community, passwords etc) (SNMP error # -2003)"  -- this are the "no response" issues.


If anyone has an solution, please let us know.