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ILO AD intergartion: Auditing

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ILO AD intergartion: Auditing

I'm about to intergrate our ILO access with AD.
I need to convince the security team that this is a good idea.
What form of auditing is there with the AD intergration.
Also how would you be able to run reports against logons, IP, User names and are there any typr of alerting that is possible i.e. if a logon fails 5 times?

All help would be greatly appreciated
Thank you
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Re: ILO AD intergartion: Auditing

>> What form of auditing is there with the AD intergration.

iLO 2 records successful logins in the iLO event log. A configurable threshold is available for unsuccessful logins that causes iLO to record unsuccessful attempts. (Administration / Access / Options).

iLO logs the time, IP and DNS info for the login attempts that are recorded.

The iLO event log can be harvested using scripting utilities. HP SIM can be used to automate this en masse.

The directory service also supports audit capabilities, using methods specific to the host OS.
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Re: ILO AD intergartion: Auditing

Hi Celaretaudax,

This should also help try this〈=en&cc=us&docIndexId=179111&taskId=101&pro

Go to whitepapers and under that u will find a doc for integrating iLO with AD

Cheers :)