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ILO Access Timing

Rothfuchs, Hans-Georg
Occasional Advisor

ILO Access Timing



we have certain situations of access limitations that the ILO is temporary not available.

That happens with some commands of the scripting toolkit.

We use a dedicated ILO network port.


Are there informations about waiting times between ILO commands?


Thank and regrads,





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Oscar A. Perez
Honored Contributor

Re: ILO Access Timing

What iLO version is this?

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Rothfuchs, Hans-Georg
Occasional Advisor

Re: ILO Access Timing



we use different proliant generations like ILO2 (V2.12), ILO3 (V1.50) and ILO4 (V1.10) from SPP2012.10.0.

I think we have to distinguish between the ILO generations.


Has HP definite informations about it?