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ILO Advanced Features License

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Karl Magnus Storfjord
Occasional Contributor

ILO Advanced Features License


I have recently purchased a license for Advanced Features on ILO, but I can't get the advanced features activated.

When I log in to ILO web interface, i go to the Administration and then licensing. After I enter the license number, nothing happens. It just goes back to the same page.

I have read elsewhere on this forum, that it could be an idea to upgrade the firmware.

My Firmware is old: 1.41
The latest Firmware is 1.91B
Between these version, there are alot of versions.

Do I have to upgrade the firmware one by one to get to the latest, or is there some magic things happening, so I can just use the latest firmware, and all the other fixes / upgrades are bundeled somehow in this ?

And is it safe to do an firmware upgrade through the web interface ? (I am not anywhere near the server right now)
I have also seeen people on this forum, who has broken their mainboard after a upgrade, and had to replace it. Doesn't seem like a thing I would like to do :-(

I would be grateful for any suggestions on how to proceed
Karoly Vaczko
Occasional Advisor

Re: ILO Advanced Features License


I'd like to share my positive experience on upgrading iLO firmare over the web interface. I've done such task on several BL and DL machines and had no issue at all with. The computer I'm using for the upgrade has Windows (either XP or Vista).

The upgrade process makes iLO inaccessible for a minute or two, since the management processor reboots, but all settings in iLO remains untouched, so it was easy and fast.

On the other hand I had to realize that iLO likes IE better than Firefox. Moreover, the graphical Remote console in iLO2 (that you hopefully will enjoy by activating the Advanced features with your license key) is ActiveX based.

Best regards,

Honored Contributor

Re: ILO Advanced Features License

iLO v1.41 is too old to accept the current license keys. You will have to upgrade the firmware to accept the key. You do not have to do this in steps: you can download, extract, and update the firmware to the latest revision in a single step. And you can do this using a browser. Then you will be able to activate the licesned features using the key you purchased.

1) Get the latest firmware.
Select the OS and iLO. Assuming Windows, you can get it here:
2) Download the component
3) run the component (on your client if you prefer) to extract the firmware to a temporary directory.
4) Look in there, you will see a file like ilo_191.bin
5) browse to the iLO target and log in
6) go to the update page, hit "browse" and locate the .bin file from step (4).
7) after the update completes, log back-in and activate the license using the key.
Karl Magnus Storfjord
Occasional Contributor

Re: ILO Advanced Features License

Hi Great !

But I assume the correct download is this(Online ROM flash component):

The one you linked to was RomPaq and asked for diskettes.

Anyway; I upgraded to firmware 1.91 B, and the upgrade went fine.

After the upgrade, I logged in and entered the License key, and voilà, I was able to get Remote Graphical Console.

I also noticed other improvements that came with the upgrade.

Great !

Thank you very much for your help.
All problems solved :-)