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ILO Advanced

Budi Supratman
Occasional Contributor

ILO Advanced

I have 3 servers DL-380 G5 and Each server have HP ILO Advanced Nm 1-Svr Lic. then ILO Advanced out from server.
Question : are ILO advanced have been combined with other ILO is problem...for connection each server.

Please help me...
Budi Supratman
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: ILO Advanced

all ILO's operate seperately.
So technically there is no problem using andavced and standerd together.
the "advanced" option is a license key installed on the ILO-management interface wich enables some extra options.

like without advanced you can do remote power on/off.
and ILO-text console (like bios settings).
with advanced license you can di ILO remote (graphics) console (like windows graphics console).
and more options