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Re: ILO Amplifier Pack 2.0

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Re: ILO Amplifier Pack 2.0

I've just been hunting around for this update as well. If there is a HPE person monitoring this thread, can you confirm if an update will be available at a later date. Or am I going to have to backup v1.95 and then restore it in a new V2 version?



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Re: ILO Amplifier Pack 2.0

The download link is broken - did HPE pull the product altogether?


Re: ILO Amplifier Pack 2.0

Same, the download link at is returning a page not found error.

This link from the search results is working though:

Chris Isaksen
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Re: ILO Amplifier Pack 2.0

I'm finding the same thing, both those links take me to their new HPE Software Center and it states product not found.

So my guess is that they pulled it and didn't tell anyone.  I'm starting to have concerns wiht HPE if this keeps up.I  I might have to start looking at aother vendors if they don't get their act together.  Though I shouldn't be suprised, HPE webs site hasn't been very good for a long time now.   Very diffcult to find what your looking for.




Re: ILO Amplifier Pack 2.0

Hello @Chris Isaksen

Sorry for the inconvenience. If you are still facing the issue, would recommend you to create a support ticket using the following link: 

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