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ILO Config dump and restore.

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ILO Config dump and restore.


I have multiple DL360g10 that will be runnign same workload and need to have same configuration. I have one server configured. Is there a tool that I can use to dump/backup ILO configuration to a file and then restore it on other servers so they ahve same config.

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Re: ILO Config dump and restore.

I just want to clarify that I know about backup and restore in ILO UI or useing ilorest. The problem iwth them is that I cannot modify the backup files as it is not a xml/json. I need the output as text as I would run the script to change IPs, names etc.



Re: ILO Config dump and restore.



you can see all infromation below link


What information is restored?
The iLO configuration includes many categories such as Power, Network, Security, the User Database,
and License Keys. Most configuration information is stored in the battery-powered SRAM memory device,
and it can be backed up and restored.
Information that is not restored
Some information is not suitable to be restored. The information that cannot be restored is not part of the
iLO configuration, but instead is related to the iLO or server system state.
The following information is not backed up or restored:

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